eNICQ 5.5.1 Upgrade FAQ

When does the eNICQ 5.5.1 upgrade need to be done by?

On January 31st, 2017 we will be limiting data submission to version 5.5.1 and higher.  

Will my old eNICQ software stop working on January 31st, 2017?

No.  Your old eNICQ software will still work for entry and correction of birth year 2016 records and older.  You will not be able to submit those records to VON until you have completed the upgrade, however.

Where can I get the upgrade or the upgrade instructions?

Both the installer and the instructions for the upgrade can be downloaded from the right hand sidebar on the eNICQ product homepage.

Who will perform the eNICQ 5.5.1 upgrade?

Your center is responsible for performing the upgrade to the eNICQ software.  Upgrades almost always require the assistance of an IT professional at your site.  Please contact your IT team to schedule the upgrade if you have not already done so.  VON technical support staff is available via phone or email to assist your IT team with any problems or questions.

How can we prepare for the eNICQ 5.5.1 upgrade?

Your IT staff will need to have multiple facts and resources available to perform the upgrade.  They will need the following permissions, skills, and information:

  • They will need your EDS Key.  This will be used multiple times.
  • They will need to identify the location of the eNICQ database.
  • If the database is on a server, they will need the database administrator (DBA) for that server.  Please note that 'DBA' is a technical role on your IT team, not the staffperson who uses eNICQ.
  • If the database is NOT on a server, we advise that your IT team consider moving it to one.
  • They will need a desktop support person with local admin rights.
  • They will need to grant the desktop support person db_owner rights on the eNICQ database.  Typically, your DBA will grant rights temporarily to the desktop support person for the upgrade.

Please relay the above information (or a link to this article) to your IT staff so that they can prepare for the installation.

My IT staffperson is here right now.  Can you help them perform the upgrade?

Maybe, but we strongly recommend that your IT staff make an appointment with our support staff if they have limited availability.  Upgrades keep our support team very busy so to guarantee we'll be available, appointments are advised.


Release Announcement:  https://public.vtoxford.org/enicq-upgrade-required-by-january-31-2017/