You are Unable to Access This Center (____) From Your Current IP Address (____).

This message appears when attempting to access VON Member Web Services from an IP that has not been specifically authorized via your Member Agreement.  If this message is blocking access to a legitimate IP address, there are two options:

1) Add the new IP address to the list of approved IP addresses in your Member Agreement. Click here to download the form for this option. 

2) Drop all IP restrictions to allow access from any IP (with proper user credentials). Click here to download the form for this option. 

Either of the above options requires a modification to your Member Agreement. The links to the forms required are above. They do need to be printed on hospital letterhead, filled out, and then returned to your account manager.

IP restrictions are only necessary if a hospital wants its employees to only have access to our web site from specific computers or from specific locations within your hospital. With restricted IP addresses, users can only access the VON web site from those specific IP addresses designated by your center’s IT Department. If they  try to log in from a computer location in a different section of the hospital or from home they would not be able to access the web site. Most members do not restrict IP addresses, since all user accounts are password protected. Passwords to our Web Services are updated every 90 days for additional security.