External Data Interface Troubleshooting

I imported new data for existing records but I do not see the changes in eNICQ

  • Check Tools... Centers... Interface.  Confirm that the data items you are looking for have been checked in this location.  The settings in this location determine which data items you intend to import.  If data items you intend to import are not checked, check them off on the list here.
  • Check the records in question.  Look for "locked" state on any of the records in question.  If any records are locked, make a note of the reason.  
  • If you are importing from a CSV or XML file:  Check the CSV or XML file visually in a text editor.  Confirm that the records you are intending to update exist in the source file.  Confirm that the values for the data items in question are what you expected.
  • If your process or application writes directly to the database:  Get the assistance of your database administrator to view the external tables (tblExternalVON, tblExternalCore, etc.).  The time to view the external tables is AFTER you've written to them but BEFORE clicking Tools... External Data Interface... Import Data.  Once you have access to the table at this exact point in your workflow, check for the presence of the records and data items you are interested in.
  • For future imports:  Ask all other users to exit the application prior to import.  Run Tools... Clear Transaction Locks before running the import.

I submitted data to VON following an import.  The records show as 'C' in eNICQ but the VON Data Management page online (or my Account Manager) tells me that the record has a status of 'I' or 'E'.

  • Check your eNICQ version under Help... About.  Compare this to the latest eNICQ version online.  If you do not have the latest version of eNICQ it is possible that you have different business rules.
  • In eNICQ, run Tools... Batch Error Check.  After this process completes, review your status codes within eNICQ.  Do you now show 'I' or 'E' for the records or are they still showing 'C' for their status in eNICQ?  
  • If your records now show 'I' or 'E' status codes in eNICQ (matching the codes reported at VON:  Please run Tools... Batch Error Check in eNICQ manually following every data import, prior to submitting data to VON.
  • If your records continue to show 'C' status codes following a Batch Error Check, please send an All Records submission to VON.  Allow ten minutes or so for processing, then check your data's status at VON either on the Data Management page or with your Account Manager.

 The data item value that was imported is not what I expected.  Did eNICQ change my data?

  • Troubleshooting steps for this question are the same as for the above question "I imported new data for existing records but I do not see the changes in eNICQ."
  • Please note that on clicking Import Data, eNICQ will import the data and run validation and interaction rules.  Some interaction rules will apply default values to eligible fields (such as coding a field 'n/a' when its parent field is answered 'no'.  Auto-filling is largely limited to scenarios like this.