WCF Web Services Connectivity Testing Widget for 32 Bit Computers

Note: This is only for 32 bit computers. If you have eNICQ 5 installed on a 64 bit computer please see this article.


The VON WCF test utility is designed to help VON member centers troubleshoot connectivity issues with eNICQ5 and Vermont Oxford Network web services. This utility will try to establish connectivity between eNICQ5 and the following VON URL’s:


(for 5.5.x versions of eNICQ)



Please note that simply browsing to these URL’s via a web browser is not a valid test.  The reason why this is not an adequate test is that the WCF web services require an exchange of encrypted data that will not occur simply by browsing the URL.  This utility allows a true test of data exchange with the web service.


1. Attached are three files which you will need to download into a shared folder on the workstation where eNICQ 5 is installed. Also, please make sure the person having the connectivity issues is the one logged into the workstation when running it.

  • TestWCF.exe
  • TestWCF.exe.config
  • VermontOxfordData.Connection.dll


2. Double click on TestWCF.exe to launch the test utility and the following screen will appear:


3. On the home screen you will need to enter the following information:

  • User/Center is your VON center number
  • ENICQ Key is your center's EDS password or key
  • The Enicq Mode should be 1 if you're testing your production installation of eNICQ but 2 if it's your test installation
  • Service Version should be Old if you are testing a 5.4.x installation of eNICQ or New if you are testing 5.5.1
  • Select the appropriate value for Proxy Connection. Depending on your organizations access to the internet you may need to select one of the following to test WCF. Your Systems Administrator should advise you on the best selection for testing
    • No Proxy = No configuration is needed to access the internet.
    • Anonymous
    • Windows Authentication
    • Custom Credentials
    • Connection File (Choosing this option will reference the connection file already created by the eNICQ installation located on your local machine

4. Once your center number and EDS password have been entered, you can click on Transfer Codes, Version Info, or Center Info. You will want to test each of these services separately. The utility will return results indicating a success or failure. If you receive a failure, please copy the results to a text file and submit them to VON for assistance in evaluating your connectivity issues 


Transfer Codes test success:



Version Info test success:


Center Info test success: