Will I be able to keep using eNICQ 5?

Yes, depending on what your data entry and submission needs are, you may be able to continue using eNICQ 5 into 2018 in order to complete your data for the prior year.

The eNICQ 5 application will continue to function after January 1, 2018, for ongoing entry and submission of 2017 data.  You will be able to complete your 2017 close out in eNICQ 5, even if your migration to eNICQ 6 becomes delayed.

You WILL NOT be able to run BOTH eNICQ 5 and eNICQ 6 at the same time.

Because of the risk of data mismatch, the migration process has been designed to de-comission your old eNICQ 5 database after migration to eNICQ 6 is complete and data entry in the new software has begun.

The eNICQ 6 software, once migration is complete, will be able to receive and submit 2017 or 2018 data.