eNICQ 6 - How is security managed in eNICQ 6?

How is security managed in eNICQ 6?

There are two ways to manage security in eNICQ 6:

Integrate with Active Directory Services:  Under this model, your IT team can designate Active Directory groups for your eNICQ 6 users to be assigned to.  These AD groups will then allow the user to launch the eNICQ 6 application directly, bypassing the login screen as they've already logged in to the workstation.  Typically, this sort of security model requires little work to maintain once initial setup is complete by your IT team.

Integrate with VON Login Services:  Under this model, your team can use your VON web accounts to sign in to the eNICQ application.  The same login/password combination will work provided the systems stay in sync through your internet connection.  These accounts will then be subject to VON's password policies and will be managed by your VON Services Administrator, a role assigned to a staff person at your organization.