Is eNICQ 6 a new application?

Yes, eNICQ 6 is a “New” application in the sense that it cannot be installed in place over an existing version of eNICQ 5.  We are using new technologies in eNICQ 6 that will improve security and functionality.

At the same time, much of the design of eNICQ 6 will be familiar to anyone who has already been working with eNICQ 5, whether as a user or an IT department.

What's New?

There are several changes in eNICQ 6 that define it as a separate, “new” product:

  • A new database design.  An eNICQ 6 application cannot be bound to an eNICQ 5 database.  There will be a simple, largely automated data conversion routine at time of install.
  • An improved service connectivity model.  eNICQ 5 uses/used WCF technology alone while eNICQ 6 uses restful api to communicate with our services.
  • An integrated security model.  The eNICQ 6 application has stricter security safeguards and can easily integrate with either your Active Directory services or the same login service used by the VON website.  Unlike eNICQ 5, users/administrators MUST choose one of these models (ie, it is not possible for them to share a common account.)
  • Continuous data submission.  The eNICQ 6 application submits data to VON immediately on saving a record, keeping your eNICQ and Nightingale records more closely in synch.
  • Simplified update process.  Many changes to the application can now be implemented on-the-fly via data updates by service rather than performing a full reinstall/upgrade.

What's the Same?

On the flip side, however, the fundamental design of the eNICQ product remains the same between eNICQ 5 and eNICQ 6.  These are technical points held in common between the releases:

  • Both products use a .NET winforms front end and have a similar .NET framework requirement.
  • Both products use a SQL Server database for the back end and have the same database connectivity model.
  • Both products rely on connectivity to VON web services for installation, upgrade and ongoing operation.