eNICQ 6 - Where can I find the License Key

Where can I find the eNICQ 6 License Key?

The eNICQ 6 license key is necessary to run the eNICQ 6 installer (it is not necessary to run the MSI). Please see the eNICQ 6 Installation Guide for where you will use the license key during installation. Anyone with an account that has been associated with your center can locate it.


To locate the License Key log into the Member Portal, click on the Data menu in the navigation bar at the top of the page, and select eNICQ 6 License Key:

Data menu from Portal open with eNICQ 6 License Key circled in red



The only thing on the eNICQ 6 License Key page will be the license key. It is complex so it will be easiest to copy and paste it. If you have multiple centers to add to your eNICQ 6 database you will need to get the License Key for each center.