eNICQ 6 - Providing Permissions When Using VON Logins

The Member's Area and eNICQ 6 share the same login. Your VON Services Administrator can grant the appropriate permissions to allow users to log into eNICQ 6. There are two eNICQ roles, eNICQ User and eNICQ Admin.


The eNICQ User role will allow someone to log in and enter data. The eNICQ Admin role will give users access to Advanced Menu Options (in the gear icon in the top right of eNICQ 6) allowing them to clear record locks, import infant data, and use the external data interface and center management options. 


To give a user these permissions for their VON login your VON Services Administrator would need to log into the Member Portal and then select Manage Users from under Community in the top right:




On the page that opens the VON Services Administrator would then just find the users who need access and select the appropriate role: