eNICQ 6 Migration for Neodata Users

NOTE:  Neodata customers should NOT install the eNICQ 6.0.x release.  Instead, please wait for the upcoming 6.1.x release that will be available later in January, or wait until the Neodata release is available as well.  The 6.1.x release will be more compatible when the Neodata release is available.

Vermont Oxford Network has been in contact with Isoprime regarding the eNICQ 6 release and the corresponding Neodata release that will support eNICQ 6.  We realize that the timelines involved may present a challenge.  We are contacting all Neodata/eNICQ users to offer information and advice on how you may want to proceed.

Some facts about the eNICQ 6 migration and Neodata:

  • eNICQ 6 can function without the Neodata update, but you will be unable to use the data interface between the products until Neodata has been upgraded.  We expect that most Neodata users will probably choose to wait for the Neodata release before upgrading eNICQ.
  • Your current copy of eNICQ 5 and your current copy of Neodata will function fine for completing entry and submission of 2017 records.
  • You will NOT be able to enter a 2018 record in eNICQ 5.  Your 2018 data entry will have to wait until you have upgraded to eNICQ 6.
  • It is not possible to have both eNICQ 5 and eNICQ 6 operating at the same time.  Your activation of eNICQ will un-register your eNICQ 5 product.

What if I have a large number of 2018 records to enter and cannot wait to upgrade Neodata and eNICQ at the same time?

It is possible to install eNICQ 6 before the Neodata release in order to perform 2018 data entry.  The downside to upgrading eNICQ 6 alone though is that this will break your interface with Neodata.  Any data entry in eNICQ 6 would then have to be completely manual.  You will also need to be sure to use Medical Record Numbers that will tie out to your Neodata records when the interface is activated later.  Once the Neodata update is available, your data in eNICQ will be ready for your first import, provided you have kept Medical Record Numbers in sync.

Another option for 2018 data entry prior to upgrading both products would be to use the paper data entry forms to collect information during the interim period.  These documents could then be used to transcribe the records when you are ready.

VON recommends considering how much of the record will be extracted from Neodata when the interface becomes available.  If the majority of the data items are imported, you may prefer to wait rather than duplicate entry.