How Do I Give an Account the Data Viewer Permission (VON Services Administrators Only)

How can I give someone the Data Viewer permission in Portal?

To access Nightingale, Data Management, Global Health Reports, or to use the VON Connect Global Health Data Application users will need to be given the Data Viewer permission. Only VON Services Administrators can grant this permission to users.

VON Services Administrators do not automatically get this permission so they even need to do this for their own accounts.

To give someone the Data Viewer role a VON Services Administrator will need to follow the following steps:

1. Log into Portal

2. Click on the Community navigation menu at the top of the Portal Home page and select Manage Users. You can also get directly there by going to and logging in when prompted.

webpage, VON Portal Home page, Community navigation menu open, Manage Users circled

Click on the Community menu at the top of Portal Home and select Manage Users.


3. Find the users on the Edit User Permissions page. If you have a long list of users you can start typing their name into the Filter Permission Grid field to find them. Once you have found their account click in the box under Data Viewer and a checkmark will appear in the box. It was save automatically.

webpage, VON Portal, Edit User Permissions page, Data Viewer checkbox circled

Click in the box under Data Viewer for the user you wish to give this permission to. It will automatically save.