The eNICQ application was unable to connect to a WCF web service at


On login to the application, the following message appears:

"The eNICQ application was unable to connect to a WCF web service at"


This problem is due to blocked communication to WCF web services on the Vermont Oxford Network web server. This problem can only be resolved by your IT staff, specifically your web security team or whoever fills that role at your organization.

The Vermont Oxford Network recommends that the webservice URL's be added to the safelist in your security software. Alternately, the entire domain and all subdomains could be safe-listed. The communication with these web services takes place over port 443 and must support communication with a WCF web service. The communication is in both directions, with encrypted information being passed from our application to the web service, and the web service returning encrypted information.

The URLs are here:


(for 5.4.x versions of eNICQ)



(for 5.5.x versions of eNICQ)


We do not make available the IP addresses of these locations because our IP addresses are subject to change over time while the URLs are expected to remain constant.

Connectivity to these web services cannot be tested with a standard web browser. To test connectivity, please use the utility available within the eNICQ application under Tools...Options...Proxy tab. At that location, you can configure any necessary proxy server settings and use the 'Test' button to establish connection with one of the web services.

If you are unable to access the eNICQ application, it is also possible to perform the same test from the login screen for the installer.

Please note that it is possible to pass the 'Test' button and still continue to have this exception happen in live use of the system. The eNICQ application makes numerous calls to our web services during normal use, some with much different volumes of data being passed over different processing times. The test does not account for every possible WCF connection scenario that occurs during usage.