Medical Record Number Not Saving


Editing a Medical Record Number on the Patient Information form appears to have been successful, but when the user exits the record and re-opens it, the changes have not been saved. 

This is a known bug in 5.4.x versions of eNICQ. It is scheduled for rework in version 5.5.0.  In the meantime, a simple work-around is available.


The 'save' of the Patient Information form won't be performed unless the eNICQ 5 program thinks something else in addition to the Medical Record Number has also been changed.

1) Make the edit to the Medical Record Number

2) Make a minor edit to another item, such as a slight change to the Patient Name.

3) Exit the record by returning to the Patient Log and clicking on a different record.

4) Return to the record you edited.

5) Confirm that the Medical Record Number change has saved.

6) Fix the minor edit to the other item so that all information is correct.