Where is my eNICQ database?

Any activity involving the eNICQ 5 database (such as upgrades) should begin with correctly identifying the location of the database.  This procedure is a means of collecting information, not a solution to any technical problem.  This procedure does not direct you to make any actual changes to your system.


…from the eNICQ 5 Application

The eNICQ 5 database can be located from within the application itself using an administrator level account.

From within the eNICQ 5 application, go to Tools… Options… Database tab.  In this location, you will see the server name, database name, port and authentication mode.  This is a read-only view of the enicq.connection file.  It is not possible to edit these settings here, but it is possible to copy out the connection file using the Copy Connection File To… button.



…from the eNICQ 5 Installer

If you are unable to run the eNICQ 5 application, or unable to access the Options menu item, the eNICQ 5 installer can be used instead.

Start the installer as normal:

  • Right click the installer an choose Run as administrator
  • Enter your Center Number and EDS Password
  • Only enter Optional Parameters if instructed to by the Vermont Oxford Network for test mode
  • Click the Login button

Once the installer opens, click the Advanced Install option in the lower left hand corner.  This will bring you to the Advanced Install display where you will have full access to the database configuration:

In addition to being able to view the server name, database, port and authentication mode, the Advanced Install screen also contains a variety of tools for editing and testing your configuration settings.  Do not make any modifications unless you are changing your database connectivity model.