Can eNICQ be integrated with Epic?

There are currently several options available for interfacing eNICQ and Epic.  We hope that additional resources will become available later in 2016.

Option #1:

Epic has added a VON option within their 2014/2015 release.  Epic has developed abstraction forms within the application that can be used to enter VON items. These items will then be exported to eNICQ for record completion and eligibility verification. Once these records are completed in eNICQ they can be submitted to the VON registry.

Epic has also developed new Chart Abstraction Toolkit framework. This Toolkit will provide centers with the ability to map data items for auto population to the Epic abstraction forms. Please contact your Epic support representative for additional information. 

Our press release on this option is here.

Option #2: You can build your own interface system using CSV output from Epic.  See the eNICQ 5 Electronic Data Interface Guide for information that can be used to write a design spec for your developers.

Option #3:

VON Data Extraction Tool (VDET).  VDET is a set of tools that facilitate configuring and mapping data from Epic. That data is automatically extracted and judged for eligibility for the VON registry. VDET will generate records based on VON eligibility verification and export records to eNICQ. Records exported to eNICQ will contain seven core data fields when creating the record:

Medical record number; name; birth date; admission date; gestational age; birth weight; admission source (additional fields will be available in future releases of the tool).

Benefits of VDET include reducing workload in finding eligible infants, increase in accuracy of determining eligibility, and reduction in transcription errors of key data items.

For more information on VDET, please contact our Integration specialist, Jordan Wiener at: