What's my eNICQ password?

The eNICQ application password is used to login to the application itself when the application is launched. These accounts are managed by your own staff. Vermont Oxford Network staff do not have these passwords.  If your instance of eNICQ is being managed with AD integration, this login step (and password) is bypassed completely.

If you have lost your eNICQ login password, you have several options for recovery:

1) Ask another eNICQ user with an administrator level account in the application to reset your password for you.

2) If your account in eNICQ is an administrator level account and you know the exact spelling of the login name, contact Vermont Oxford Network technical support with the exact spelling of the login name and we can provide a temporary password allowing you a chance to reset it. 

3) If your copy of eNICQ still has the default login intact, you can try logging in with those credentials. 

4) If none of the above options are possible for you, the password will have to be reset manually on the database itself by a member of your IT team. Your database administrator (DBA) will need to open the database up using SQL Server Management Studio and call in to our technical support team to be walked through the reset process.

5) If your DBA is unable to call our support team, the reset can be handled by email instead.  Your DBA will need to copy the full contents of tblUsers on the database (to CSV file or a screen capture), send that information to our support team, after which we can email back a script to perform the reset.  Please indicate which account is to be reset at that time.