How do I replace the default "admin" account?

To ensure security, it is strongly advised that you replace the default “admin” account with a new account that has a different name and password.  To do this, click on the Tools menu and select Users… 


The Users listing will appear with the “admin” account selected:


Click Add to create a new account.  The New User dialogue will appear, allowing you to enter a name and password for this account:


This new account should be assigned to someone who will take over setup and administration of the eNICQ application.  The primary user of the application is a good choice, but it could be anyone your organization chooses to designate.

Please complete the entries on the New User dialog for the person you’ve chosen for your new administrative account.

User Name:  Enter the user's actual name.  The user’s name is not used for anything but your center’s internal identification.

Login:  Enter the abbreviated name the user will use to log in.  This is not case sensitive.  The login name is not used for anything but your center’s internal identification.

Initials:  Enter the initials of the user.   The initials are not used for anything but your center’s internal identification.

Password:  The password is case sensitive and must contain a minimum of 8 characters, including at least two alphabetic characters, and at least 1 number or special character such as: !@#$%^&*+-=:?`~.  An example of a valid password is “Sample$123.”  Be sure that the password will be remembered by the new user.

Security Level:  Set this to “Administrator” so that this new account can replace the default “admin” account.

“Centers” Tab:  You will not be able to use this feature until you have added centers to eNICQ 5 (see Chapter 4).  If your eNICQ 5 database contains data for more than one center and has multiple users, you may want to allow users to access data for some centers but not others.  By default, a new user is granted access only to the center the Administrator creating the account is logged in with.  To modify the centers a user can access, select the Centers tab and check or uncheck the Allowed box for each center to set the appropriate access rights.

Click OK on the New User dialog.

Click Close on the Users listing.

Click File… Exit to close the eNICQ 5 application, or use the Log Off button on the top right.

Start the application again and log in using the new administrative account that you have created.

With eNICQ 5 restarted and while logged into your new administrative account, click on the Tools menu and select Users…

The Users listing will appear.

Select the “admin” account from the listing.

Click Delete.

A dialogue will appear asking you to confirm this deletion:

Click Yes to remove the default “admin” account.

Close the Users list.

You have now replaced the default “admin” account with a new administrative account that is unique to your center.  You will use this new administrative account to complete the setup instructions in the remainder of this Quick Start Guide.