How do I add a center to eNICQ?

Note:  This article explains how to add a center with no data.  The procedure is different if you are moving center data from another system.

To add center information, click on Tools… Centers…  The Centers listing will appear, showing any centers that have already been set up in eNICQ 5, or showing nothing if no center information has been added yet.

Click Add to add your center information.

The Start New Center dialog will appear:

Enter your Center Number and your EDS Password (also referred to as EDS Encryption Password) and click Next button to continue.

If you do not know your EDS Password or if you get the following error indicating that the password entered was incorrect…

…please contact your Account Manager at the Vermont Oxford Network for the correct EDS Password in order to continue.

Once the correct Center Number / EDS Password combination has been entered, the information necessary to setup your center will be retrieved automatically from the Vermont Oxford Network website and added to your eNICQ 5 application. 

The Center Settings window will then appear:

Most of the center information will have already been completed for you.

On the General tab, basic information about your center and Account Manager’s contact information will appear.  If any of the information is incorrect, please contact your Account Manager before continuing.

On the Certifications tab, information about the infant records your center is approved to submit has been automatically completed.  Please review this information and make sure that the certification history listed matches your understanding of your center’s participation in the Vermont Oxford Network.  If you have any questions about any of the certifications, please contact your Account Manager.

The Interface tab is used to configure eNICQ 5 to accept data from an external source like an electronic health record system.  If you do not intend to set up a data interface, you can skip this tab.  With the Interface tab you can select which data items can be incorporated into the eNICQ 5 database from another application.  Only items in the external system that have been completed using the Vermont Oxford Network data definitions should be checked as acceptable in the interface.  Configuring the interface requires coordination with whoever manages the external data source.  For more information about interfacing with external systems, see the eNICQ 5 External Data Interface Guide at

The Restrict Years tab allows you to apply or remove restriction of all records for one or more birth years.  Restricting a birth year prevents new records from being created for that year, and prevents existing records from being edited or submitted to the Vermont Oxford Network.  For more information about restricting birth years, see the Restrict Years Settings topic within the eNICQ 5 User’s Guide, available online at


Adding Additional Centers: 

If you manage more than one center, you can add additional centers by repeating the instructions above for each center that you manage.