How do I submit data to VON?

Once you have entered at least one record and obtained a  (Correct) or  (Still Hospitalized) status for at least one module, you are ready to submit data.  Select Submissions from the bottom left corner.

The Submit box will be checked automatically for each module with updated and new data available for submission.  You can uncheck the Submit box for any module you do not want to include.  The Count for each module will display how many records have data that is ready to be included with the submission.  Click Preview to display a list of the records that contain data ready for submission. 

When you are done viewing the preview, click Close to return to Submissions.  Click Submit Data to send all available data for the checked modules.  

If you have records you thought were ready for submission that do not appear in the preview, go back to the Patient Log to check the module status.  Individual forms will not be submitted if the module they are part of does not have a status of  (Correct) or  (Still Hospitalized). 

In the following example, even though the 28 Day Form has a  (Correct) status, no data for this record would be eligible for submission because the Primary VON Module has a status of  (Error) due to an error on the Discharge Form.


Submission History

You can view information about your submissions from Submission History.  You can view submissions for a particular module, or for all modules.  Highlight a submission and click View Data for information on which records had data included with the submission.