How do I backup data in eNICQ 5? (IT Staff)

In order to run backups, the SQL server needs permissions to write to the backup location. This can be a bit tricky because it is the server itself that is doing the writing, even if the user has permission to write to the directory.

The following procedure will assist you in granting necessary permissions.

1) Make a directory to store the backups.

2) Right click on the directory and select “Properties”.

3) Click the Security tab

4) The SQL Server runs under the Network Service login. Click the “Add” button to add this user.

5) Type “network service” in the window that comes up.


6) Click “Check Names”


7) Click OK to get back to the Security tab.

8) Click on NETWORK SERVICE and then click “Edit”

9) Make sure NETWORK SERVICE has Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read, and Write permissions to the backup directory. Then click OK.


10) Click OK and close out the rest of the Properties windows.

11) Right click on the backup directory and select Share With -> Specific People.

12) In the window that pops up, type NETWORK SERVICE and click “Add”.


13) Change the permission level to “Read/Write”


14) Click “Share” and then “Done”

15) Start and login to eNICQ 5.

16) Go to Tools -> Options -> Backups and enter the full UNC path of the backup directory

17) Click “Test Backup” and “Run Backup”. If all goes well, you should see this message:



If you get this message:

Check the following three things:

1) Does NETWORK SERVICE have permission to write to the backup directory?
2) Have you shared the backup directory with NETWORK SERVICE?
3) Is your UNC path correct?