How do Center Champions access LMS center reports?


How do Center Champions access LMS center reports?


If you have logged into Member's Area, or Member Portal, log out, close your browser and then start again.

  1. Log into LMS (
  2. Click the Admin tab2019-05-06_13_25_16-How_Champions_Access_Reports_2.22.16.pdf.png

  3. Click Institutions on the left hand side
  4. Click list               2019-05-06_13_25_43-How_Champions_Access_Reports_2.22.16.pdf.png

  5. Click Edit by your center name 2019-05-06_13_25_59-How_Champions_Access_Reports_2.22.16.pdf.png

  6. Click the blue URL link2019-05-06_13_31_05-How_Champions_Access_Reports_2.22.16.pdf.png

  7. Click the Reports tab to view your center reports2019-05-06_13_26_15-How_Champions_Access_Reports_2.22.16.pdf.png


Items to note:  

- Progress Reports report on users that have progress; users without progress will not appear. 


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