Cannot hear LMS Videos

Reported Issue: 

The video is playing, but I cannot hear any sound.


  1. Make sure you have speakers connected to your computer.
  2. If you don't have speakers, you can use headphones.
  3. If you have these, but you still can't hear the video, check your sound settings. 
    • Click on the speaker icon in the tool bar.    2019-05-03_14_49_44-.png 
    • Increase the volume or click on the speaker icon to un-mute. 


Root Cause: 

You will need computer speakers in order to hear and learn from the videos. Headphones can be used, if appropriate to the learning setting. You may also need to turn up the volume control on the video control, and/or the speakers, to an audible level.

Contact VON Support at or at (802) 865-4814 x240 for assistance.