Troubleshooting eNICQ Database Connectivity

Extensive information on troubleshooting eNICQ database connectivity is available here.  While an experienced database administrator (DBA) may find the eNICQ database connection relatively simple to troubleshoot, this document was written for IT professionals who may be expected to serve in place of an actual DBA in resolving such problems.

For a few brief tips to get started, please consider the following:

1) If you are having difficulty connecting to a local instance of SQL Server Express, the problem is usually a matter of permissions.  A local administrator should be able to connect to a local instance of SQL Server Express automatically.

2) If you are having trouble connecting to a remote instance of SQL Server, you will need to involve your Database Administrator, or DBA, or an IT professional with equivalent knowledge.  It is nearly impossible to resolve a database connectivity problem on the server without the support of the IT staff person who manages that server or database.

3) If you are uncertain where the eNICQ database is located, please start by finding the database.  You won't get very far until this basic fact is established.