Nightingale - Can I get a copy of my center’s raw data?


Can I get a copy of my center's raw data?


Centers’ Report Contacts, Alternate Report Contacts, Data Contacts, and Alternate Data Contacts who have been granted Data Viewer permission by their center's VON Services Administrators can download XML or CSV files of raw, infant level data. You can find the name of your center’s VON Services Administrator in the Member Portal.



To download the raw data you would log into the Member Portal and navigate to Nightingale. At the top of the page click on Data Download.


You then would selecting the Beginning Year and End Year for the birth year ranges, select the file type you would like to download as, and click the Download Data button. 


Please note that none of these records have any identifiable data in it such as MRN, birth date, or names so one of these files could not be used to replace data in eNICQ 6 in the case of a total data loss.