Overview of Electronic Data Submission Options


What are the methods to submit patient data to Vermont Oxford Network?



If you are a new Vermont Oxford Network member center, or an existing center reconsidering your data submission options, this document provides a brief overview on the subject.

There are two primary methods for data submission.

  1. The eNICQ application is provided free to member centers.  It is installed locally on your center's hardware and allows data entry and submission to Vermont Oxford Network. For more information on eNICQ, click here
  2. Your center can upload your data directly to us through our website.  Your center would be responsible for gathering the data and formatting it in a file for upload.

Other combinations are possible as well.  For example, the eNICQ application can receive data through a properly formatted file from your EHR system.  This would allow you to use eNICQ for completion, correction and submission of data to VON.

For more information, you can click here to see the full document. 


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