Can you complete a security or technical requirements questionnaire for us?

Yes.  Please submit it to to start your request.

There are a few things to note about this process though.  

1) We cannot provide estimates on completion of surveys.  Please understand that we are a small organization and that most questionnaires will require input and review from multiple staff persons on our side.  Most surveys will take one or more weeks to return but the length of your questionnaire as well as staff availability and workloads on our side may alter that time line.

2) You must tell us which Vermont Oxford Network service your survey is for.  We have multiple systems, services and software products that your questions might pertain to. In order for us to provide a response to your inquiry, please clarify if your survey is for...

  • The eNICQ data entry application (installed locally at your site)
  • Online resources, such as Nightingale or the Members Area
  • Our own internal security measures for our data center
  • The learning management system

Answers might be very different depending on which system you are asking about.  If you are asking about multiple systems, please clarify if you want separate answers for each system on a single questionnaire or if you are expecting us to complete separate copies of your questionnaire for each system.  Surveys submitted without specifying the product they are for may be delayed, may be incomplete or inaccurate, or may be returned with a request for clarification.

3) You must provide an editable electronic file version of your survey for us to work with.  Our survey response process involves multiple staff and several stages of review.  Without benefit of an editable form, our team will have difficulty collaborating to provide you with the most accurate answers in your inquiry.  Non-editable forms or online forms with limited access and no capability for handling draft stages in our response process may delay our response to your inquiry or may be returned with a request for an editable form.

Survey Status Inquiries

Your survey will be assigned a ticket number on receipt.  Please use this ticket number if you are asking for status updates on your survey.  For a status update, we can usually only report to you the position in queue of your survey, the total survey queue count at that time, and any extenuating circumstances, such as missing materials, unclear questions or legal agreements that may pertain to completion of your survey.

Survey Priority and Queue Position

Out of fairness to our full membership, surveys are almost always handled in order received.  Exceptions are rare, but may apply for brief follow up inquiries on surveys that have already been returned or situations in which an error on our part has caused delay.

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