What does my data submission system need to do?



What does my data submission system need to do?


The system you are using to generate data files for upload to the Vermont Oxford Network will need to be able to do the following:

  • Create a CSV or XML file in an acceptable format
  • Number and log the submissions in sequential order
  • Allow manual renumbering of a given submission if necessary
  • Be capable of submitting a "delete" flagged record 
  • Be capable of submitting an "all records" file



If you are developing a system for data submission, either through a vendor or with your own IT staff, please have the development team access the following resources:

  • For full specifications for Electronic Data Submission, click here.  
  • To perform a test on your file format click here

**Please note the following about the above resources:

  • The Instructions for Electronic Data Submission document is updated annually, and your files will need to be in compliance with any annual changes that are implemented.  You can find a year-specific version of the document in our Help Center under Manuals and Forms.
  • The upload test is behind a login to our Member's Area.  You will need to have login credentials for the Member's Area to access this resource.  Please contact your VON Web Administrator for assistance if you do not have credentials.


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