What changes are available in eNICQ 6.1.0?

What is the eNICQ 6.1.0 release?

The eNICQ 6.1.0 release is the next release of the eNICQ 6 product.  It is now available.

The changes in this release are focused around supporting VON's vendor partners and member centers who rely on using eNICQ's External Data Interface to import data into the eNICQ 6 application.

Does this apply to me?

Only eNICQ users who use the External Data Interface will require this release.  If you aren't sure if you use the External Data Interface, here is a picture of what the menu for it looks like in eNICQ 5, which you may be more familiar with:


OK, I use the External Data Interface.  What changes does 6.1.0 offer?

The 6.1.0 release allows you to import records with EITHER a Medical Record Number (MRN) OR a Vermont Oxford Network ID Number (VON ID).  This is similar to the functionality in eNICQ 5, where it was possible to import data with MRN only and allow the eNICQ application to auto-assign your VON ID for you.  Previously, the eNICQ 6 design would have forced your third party software or Electronic Health Record system to identify, assign and track VON ID numbers.

Do I need the eNICQ 6.1.0?

If you have used the External Data Interface in eNICQ 5, you will likely benefit from and prefer to use the eNICQ 6.1.0 release.  If you haven't used the External Data Interface in the past, you will not need the primary features of this release.  Please contact support via email at support@vtoxford.org, or phone at (802) 865-4814 x 240, with any questions you may have. 

Who was informed of the 6.1.0 release?  

Member centers known to have used the External Data Interface in the past have all been notified of the eNICQ 6.1.0 release.