eNICQ 6 - Set PHI Submission (Administrators only)

For centers that are enrolled in Nightingale Time Series reporting you will either get a message in eNICQ 6 to turn on the PHI submissions or be asked to enable it by a support tech.


To enable PHI submissions you just need to log into eNICQ 6 and click on the Advanced Menu Options (the gear icon in the top right). When that menu opens select Center Management:



Then click the appropriate center so it's highlighted in blue and click the "Set PHI Submission" button at the bottom:


Finally, on the next screen click the "Enable PHI Submission" button:



If you ever unenroll in Nightingale Time Series reporting or have enabled PHI Submissions when you are not enrolled (eNICQ 6 will give you an error message when you open it saying your PHI status is incorrect) you will need to return to the same location but this time click the "Prevent PHI Submission" button: