eNICQ EDI: Import Infant Records from a file

How do I import a CSV, XML, or JSON file?

Data import to eNICQ can be accomplished in two ways; 1) a direct write to the external table, or 2) importing a file. This article covers how to import a records from a file.

To import a file: 

* Click the Advanced (gear) menu and select "Import Infant Records."

* Click 'Browse' to locate your text file.


* Click 'Evaluate' to review the data's suitability for import.

An intermediate report on the evaluation will display.  You can view the full report by clicking the "View" button.


* Click the import button tol complete the data import and produce a final import results report.finalresult.png


NOTE:  Importing data via this method will NOT allow access to the field selection, record lock and override functions of External Data Interface.


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