EDI: Importing Infant Records... from the External Table

NOTE:  This topic is written for the eNICQ 6 user and provides a walk through of the basic operations and options for the Electronic Data Interface.

Data import to eNICQ can be accomplished in two ways:  1) a direct write to the external table, or 2) importing a text file.

This topic describes the process for importing data that has already been written to the external table. 

(This topic does NOT explain how to write data to the external table.  For information on that process

First, click the Advanced (gear) menu and select "External Data Interface."

If data is available for import in the external table, you will see the button "Import External Data Now".  This button is hidden when there is no data available in the external table.

Click the button "Import External Data Now" to import your data.





NOTE:  Importing data via this method WILL allow access to the field selectionrecord lock and override functions of External Data Interface.


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