eNICQ 6 Validator

Occasionally a VON support tech may ask you to download and run the eNICQ 6 Validator if the batch validate feature in eNICQ 6 doesn't correct issues with patient statuses. Please click here, to download the .zip file, then extract the files. After the files have been extracted just double-click on the "E6Validator" file (or "E6Validator.application" if you have Windows set up to show common file extensions) to run it.




The first time you run the Validator it will go through the installation process. You will need to confirm that you do want to installer it. Once the installation process is over (or if it's not your first time running it) you will see a very simple screen with only a "Validate All eNICQ6 Infant Records" button.




Simply click that button and wait for it to go through the process.



When it is done it will return to the screen with just the single button on it. You can then run eNICQ 6 and check the statuses of the records in question to make sure they are correct.