eNICQ 6 - Test Installation Configuration File

Note: This only applies to when you are trying to install an eNICQ 6 client to an existing eNICQ 6 Test Database (not your production database) and are using the MSI to install the client on a workstation.


If you need to use the MSI to install the client for a test installation of eNICQ 6 (see Chapter 4 of the eNICQ 6 Installation Guide) you will need to edit the enicq6.exe.config file (or it may just say enicq6.exe if you are not displaying common file extensions) so it's pointing at the testconnnection.enicq rather than a production installation of eNICQ 6.


The configuration file will open in Notepad or other text reader if you open it. Just look for the following line:

<add key="ConnectionFileName" value="VON\connection.enicq" />


Then you would edit it so it instead says the following:

<add key="ConnectionFileName" value="VON\testconnection.enicq" />



You could also just click here to download the configuration file.  Save it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Vermont Oxford Network\eNICQ 6 replacing the one that is in there.