eNICQ EDI: An item with the same key has already been added

Are you seeing an error message on clicking "Evaluate" or "Import" that tells you "An item with the same key has already been added?"

The Vermont Oxford Technical Support Team would like to hear from you!

This message has been reported a few times by centers testing their import files but we have so far been unable to reproduce the error here.  The reporting centers typically find that the message goes away as they continue to tweak their file formats.

We are looking for a center that has been unable to resolve this error message and would be willing to enter into a BAA with us for further testing.

DO NOT send files with actual PHI to Vermont Oxford Network without a BAA.  Even with a BAA, please make arrangements for secure file transfer of PHI rather than relying on email attachments.

DO let us know if you are seeing this error message, if you have a BAA or would like to enter into one to troubleshoot the issue, and also please tell us what file format you are using (CSV, XML or JSON.)

Please send preliminary inquiries on this issue (without data files attached) to support@vtoxford.org.

Thank you!


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