eNICQ 6 - How Do I Delete a Record?


How do I delete a record in eNICQ 6?


Note: Because eNICQ 6 submits data to VON every time you save a record, when you delete a record the Patient ID you used on that deleted record will not be reusable (in eNICQ 5 you could reuse the ID if the record hadn't been submitted to VON). If it is important to you to not have skipped patient IDs then the best option for you might be to not delete the record but instead edit the existing record and resubmit with the new patient information.

Deleting a record is a fairly simple process in eNICQ 6. First you would open the patient you wished to delete, so you were looking at the Patient Data Form, and click on the gear icon in the top right:



From that menu select Delete This Infant. A window will pop up asking "Do you want to permanently Delete this infant record?" If you click Yes there the record will be deleted and submitted to us as a deleted record.