Upgrading eNICQ 6 to the Latest Version

When there is a new version of eNICQ 6 available a message will pop up when users log into the program saying there is an update available and whether it's an optional or required update.

There is no patch to download and install. Instead you would just download the installer and run that against the database. As with each time you run the installer you will need to have the license key available. Also, you will need to have a minimum of db_owner for a role on the database to be able to update it otherwise the installer will treat it like you are trying to do a new installation and give you a message that there is already a database registered for your center.

If you run the installer from a workstation or server where there is a Connection.enicq file (it should be located in C:\ProgramData\VON) the installer will use that to find the location of the database so you should be able to just click Next through the installation.


If you are just trying to update the client application on the workstations then you could just download and run the MSI on the workstation. You will need local admin permissions to run it.

There is no installation wizard that pops up when you run the MSI. It will just update the files located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Vermont Oxford Network\eNICQ 6 in the background. Normally it looks like nothing happens. To confirm that the update was successful the user can log into eNICQ 6, click on the gear icon in the top right, and select About eNICQ. There it will give the version number of both the client application and the database.

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