eNICQ EDI: Import attempts processed out of order

Note:  This topic is intended for software/interface developers.  The problem described and the solution cannot be addressed by most users acting alone.

Reported Issue: 

This issue only occurs when using a "direct write" data import method in which your import XML structure for one or more infant records has been written to a single entry in tblExternalData.  This issue will NOT occur if you are importing data in a text file.  

The problem occurs when multiple "writes" to tblExternalData for the same record(s) have been performed without importing the record(s) in question.  The eNICQ 6 application design assumes that data written to tblExternalData will be imported immediately, rather than allowing multiple instances to queue up.  If a backlog of data has been left waiting for import, the application will not necessarily process them in the order received.

This might be detected if a particular record has had values changed multiple times and the user notices that it accepted a change other than the most recent in its import.


Resolution or Workaround:

It is possible to alter the procedure that pulls the data from tblExternalData to set a sort order.  This attached script can be executed against your eNICQ 6 database from SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

If your database is named differently from the default name of "eNICQ6db", please change the USE statement at the top of the script to reflect your database name.