How do I Access the iNICQ Core Prelaunch Webinar?


How do I access the iNICQ Core Prelaunch Webinar?


  1. Go to 
  2.  Enter your VON Username and Password in the area for credentials.
    • If your username was set by your VON Champion it will usually be your work email address.
    • If you have not set a password in the last 90 days you will need to set your password using the "Set Password" option below the text box for credentials. For more detailed instructions Click Here

  3. Navigate to the "My Quality Improvement Programs" Widget
  4. Click "Go to Program" under the iNICQ Core tile for your current collaborative.
  5. Click "Go To Core Webinars

  6. Find the Prelaunch tile, which should be near the top of the list, and click "Go to Recorded Webinar"

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