eNICQ 6 - Adding or updating center information in Center Management

We need to add a new center to our database.  We need to edit the Active Directory groups.  We need to set the PHI submission status.  We need to deactivate a center in our eNICQ 6 database. 


  1. Login to eNICQ 6
  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right hand corner of the Patient Log (the Advanced Menu Options) eNICQ 6,Advanced Menu Option,Center Management circled in menu

  3. Select Center Management

  4. Click on the center you want to edit. This will highlight it in blue.eNICQ 6,Center Management window,Center at top of page highlighted in blue

The Center Management section is only accessible by administrators in the eNICQ 6 application. You will find it in the Advanced Menu Options (the gear icon in the top right of the Patient Log). This is where you would go to add a new center to your database, Edit the Active Directory Groups, Set PHI Submission status, or Deactivate centers already added to your eNICQ 6 database.