eNICQ 6 - Edit Active Directory Groups (Administrator Only)


How do I edit the Active Directory Group names in eNICQ 6


One of the methods that can be used to log into eNICQ 6 is Active Directory. This is when instead of having to log into eNICQ 6 with your email and password the software just authenticates you using your Windows credentials. In this case eNICQ 6 will just open to the Patient Log without bringing up a login screen. For more on the two methods of logging into eNICQ 6 please see the Installation Guide.


There may be a time after eNICQ 6 has been installed that you need to update the Active Directory group names (for example, if you used the same AD group names for all centers on a shared database and now you want to limit which centers' data users can view). To do this you would first need to click on the Advanced Menu Options (the gear icon in the top right of the Patient Log) and select Center Management.




On the next window that pops up there will be fields for "Standard AD Group Name" and Admin User AD Group Name. You just need to enter the new AD group names for each (you cannot have any spaces in the AD group names) and click Save.