EDS - File Rejection: Discrepancy between number of data columns and number of column headers

Reported Issue: 

When uploading a CSV file you receive an email with the following error:

Discrepancy between number of data columns and number of column headers in CSV file. There are more data columns than header columns.

Resolution or Workaround:

Normally this is caused because of an extra comma or semicolon in the CSV file. Because CSV files use commas or semicolons (depending on what the standard is in your country - the U.S. used commas as separators while the E.U. uses semicolons) to separate the different columns, any additional commas in the any of the fields will cause there to be an additional column when the file is being parsed.

It's usually easiest to spot which record has the additional comma or semicolon by opening the file using Excel. If a record has an extra comma or semicolon the data will appear offset when compared to the rest of the records. Once you identify which record is causing the issue you will need to open the file in Notepad or similar program to remove the superfluous comma or semicolon.

If you cannot spot any file that appears to have any additional commas in it you could try deleting the column just to the right of the last header and resubmitting. To delete the column you would just click on the letter above the header to highlight the entire column, right click on that column, and select Delete from the menu (you should see the columns to the right shift but once that is done it will probably look like nothing happened). You would then save the file and try importing it again.

If that still doesn't work please contact VON Support by emailing us at support@vtoxford.org or calling (802) 865-4814 ex. 240.


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