What are the roles for Vermont Oxford Network that my center may need to fill?


What are the roles for Vermont Oxford Network that my center may need to fill?


The following roles are contractual or key contact Vermont Oxford Network roles.  The type of membership that you have with Vermont Oxford Network will determine which of the following roles are necessary.

VON Services Administrator

 Role Description: VON Services Administrator(s) are responsible for ensuring staff members at your center have access to applicable Vermont Oxford Network (VON) tools and web sites by: 

  • Creating user accounts that staff members at your center use to access VON tools, data, reporting, and educational materials
  • Assisting users with password questions
  • Periodically reviewing your center’s list of users who have been granted access VON tools and removing access from users who no longer need it
    • VON Services Administrators are automatically granted access to the VON User Permissions Editing tool and issued a VON Web Services Login
    • VON recommends that your center identify more than one VON Services Administrator

Team Leader

Role Description: The Team Leader at your center is responsible for overseeing all activities involved in Vermont Oxford Network (VON) participation by: 

  • Coordinating data submission, reporting, education, and quality improvement activities
  • Ensuring the appropriate staff fulfill critical VON roles
  • Serving as your center’s primary advocate for data science and quality improvement
  • Encouraging your center’s staff to fully utilize VON information and tools


Report Contact

Role Description: Your center’s Report Contact should be a member of your center’s peer review committee and be active in quality improvement activities. The Report Contact is responsible for:

  • Receiving a printed copy of your center's Annual Report and electronic copies of other Vermont Oxford Network (VON) reports
  • Sharing reports and findings with the applicable team members at your center
  • Ensuring that the appropriate staff are aware of and have access to the Nightingale reporting tool
    • Report Contacts are automatically granted access to VON Members Area - Data Management and issued a VON Web Services Login


Data Contact 

Role Description: The Data Contact is responsible for collection and submission of all infant data to Vermont Oxford Network (VON) by:

  • Establishing and overseeing procedures for data collection and submission
  • Developing an Eligibility Verification Plan and monitors its implementation
  • Collecting and submitting infant data to VON or, depending on the size of your center, supervising the data collection and submission tasks
  • Verifying that all eligible infants are included in your center’s data submissions
  • Receiving all Network correspondence regarding data status, submission, and errors
  • Confirming that the data conform to all definitions and conventions of the VON database
    • Data Contacts are automatically granted access to VON Members Area - Data Management and issued a VON Web Services Login


Financial Contact

Role Description: The Financial Contact’s responsibilities include: 

  • Handling Vermont Oxford Network (VON) membership agreements
  • Ensuring VON membership payment



Role Description: The Neonatologist supports your center’s Vermont Oxford Network (VON) membership by: 

  • Answering medical questions from your center’s Data Collector pertaining to the VON data definitions
  • Receiving, evaluating, and distributing information from VON about ongoing clinical trials, research projects, and quality improvement collaboratives


VON Champion(s)

Role Description: The VON Champion is a person at a VON member center when the center is a VON Quality Circle member/participating in an iNICQ or NICQ Collaborative.
The VON Champion is responsible for helping his or her team navigate the online education and training on the VON Learning Management System. The VON Champion will develop, monitor, and update a list of relevant team members and submit the team list to VON for enrollment in the online learning management system. He/she will monitor center-level reports which highlight their center-level progress. A center may have more than one VON Champion.
A VON Champion is not assigned at centers which are not VON Quality Circle members/not participating in an iNICQ or NICQ Collaborative.