Quick Start Guide for Local Installation of eNICQ 6


  1. Obtain your center's license key.
  2. Download and install SQL Server Management Studio Express on the local workstation. You will need to have ADMIN permissions to the workstation to complete this install and the eNCIQ 6 install.
  3. For local installs we recommend using VON logins for security access. Please see this guide for more information on setting up users to use VON logins.

eNICQ 6 installation steps 

  1. Download the eNICQ 6 installer from the eNICQ 6 home page.
  2. Extract and run installer.
  3. On the welcome screen for a first time install you will select “No” that you do not have an existing connection file and click next.
  4. Enter your License key and click next.
  5. Choose, install the database locally on a workstation.
  6. Click “I understand the risks. Do a local install” At this time a separate window will open and SQL Server express 2012 will install. Wait for this to finish. It will then return you to the eNICQ 6 installer.
  7. After returning to the eNICQ 6 installer, on the “How would you like to log into eNICQ 6” dialog page, select VON logins and click next.
  8. You should now see a dialog box that says, “Congratulations the database is set up” How would you like to install the client
  9. Click on install on this workstation and click next
  10. When client install is completed, click exit installer.
  11. Launch SSMS now and connect to the local dataset.
  12. At this time, you will need to create security logins, permissions and roles for each user that logs into this workstation and uses eNICQ 6. You will want to review page 25 of the eNICQ 6 installation guide to complete these steps. Once permissions have been granted, restart the workstation and have the user log in and launch eNICQ 6. They should be prompted to enter their VON username and password.