eNICQ 6 - Upgrading to Version 6.2.0

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eNICQ 6.2.0 is available for installation. It is now a required update and will need to be done by February 7, 2023. After that date you will no longer be able to submit data using version 6.1.1. When you do upgrade to the latest version the database and all the client applications will need to be upgraded together. For example, a client application that is version is 6.1.1 will not work with an eNICQ 6.2.0 database, nor will a 6.2.0 client application work with a 6.1.1 database.

If you are not certain which version you currently have installed a user can open the Advanced Menu Options but clicking on the gear icon in the top right of the Patient Log and select About eNICQ. There it will tell you the version number of both the client application and the database.

Version 6.2.0 will include the following updates:

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Improvements to the External Data Interface to help prevent accidental gaps in patient IDs
  • Clearer error messages when incorrect characters are used in specific fields (e.g. when letters are entered into a field which can accept numbers, such as Birth Weight)
  • Improved "Jump To Error" feature on the Patient Data Form
  • Updated help files
  • Improved security to prevent accidental submission of Medical Record Numbers to VON 
  • A status bar when a Batch Validation is run so users know when it is finished
  • The database name displays on the "About eNICQ" screen with the server name

eNICQ 6.2.0 Upgrade Planning:

Prior to upgrading an existing installation of eNICQ 6, you will need to work with your IT department, especially your database team. The person running installer will need at a minimum the "db_owner" permission under User Mapping granted to them on the database to upgrade the database. They will also need a copy of the Connection.enicq file. If both of these conditions are not met, the person running the installer will receive a message saying "VON Records indicate that this center is registered to another database. Please contact VON Tech Support".

eNICQ 6 installation error,center is registered to another database

Unlike previous versions, the eNICQ 6.2.0 installer will need to be run from a workstation rather than the server. You still need to be a local administrator on that workstation. During the installation process it will ask for the eNICQ 6 License Key. If you do not have the license key, one of the eNICQ 6 users can find it for you from the Member Portal on our website, or you can contact VON Support and we can provide it for you. Please make sure you include your Center Number, or hospital name and location of the hospital if you do email us for the license key.

If you have a database which hosts multiple centers you only need to upgrade the database once. When the database has been upgraded for one center, it has been upgraded for all the centers on the shared database. You just need to then upgrade all the client applications that are connected with that database.

When upgrading just the client application on a computer you just need to download and run the eNICQ 6.2.0 MSI rather than the installer. Even with the MSI you still need to be a local administrator.


System Requirements: 

The system requirements have not changed since eNICQ 6.0 was released. If eNICQ 6.1.1 is working fine then you are already meeting the minimum system requirements.

eNICQ 6 Client Software, installed locally

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows® 10*, Windows® 11*
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework version 4.6.2 or higher
  • At least 400 MB of free disk space
  • At least 1 GB of RAM
  • Installer and client require Internet connection open to vtoxford.org and all subdomains on port 443. This connection must accommodate a RESTful API web service (.svc)
  • User must have both” Read” and “Read & Execute” permissions to the C:\ProgramData folder

*Depending on configuration, Windows® 10 and Windows® 11 may require installation of .NET Framework version 4.6.2

Microsoft® SQL Server® Express 2019, installed locally

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows® 10*, Windows® 11*, Windows Server® 2016, Windows Server® 2019, and Windows Server® 2022
  • 64-bit processor
    • 1.4 GHz (2.0 GHz or faster is recommended)
  • Minimum of 512 MB of RAM (1 GB or more is recommended.)
  • 6 GB of available hard disk space
  • For more information on SQL Server® Express 2019, please visit the Microsoft® site: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/troubleshoot/sql/general/use-sql-server-in-windows


Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 or higher, existing Standard or Enterprise Edition

  • Supported SQL Server® Versions: 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019


Download the eNICQ 6.2 Installer and MSI:

Both the installer and the MSI can be downloaded from the eNICQ 6 Home Page on the VON website.

Upgrading the eNICQ 6 Database:

The eNICQ 6.2.0 installer will need to be run from a workstation and not the server. This is a change from what we were recommending with all the previous versions of eNICQ 6.

Upgrading the database only takes a few minutes, provided you are a local administrator on the workstation, have a copy of the Connection.enicq file, and have the "db_owner" role on the eNICQ 6 database (see the eNICQ 6.2.0 Upgrade Planning section above).

  1. After downloading the eNICQ 6.2 installer, double-click on it (or right click and selecting "Run as administrator") to bring up the Welcome to the eNICQ 6 Installer screen. If you are running the installer on a workstation which already has eNICQ 6.1.1 installed, the path to the connection file will automatically populate next to the Browse button. If you only have a copy of the Connection.enicq file you may need to browse to where you have it saved. Click Next.

    eNICQ 6.2 installer,first screen,Browse to change connection file

  2. On the Center License Key screen make sure "Normal Install" is selected, enter your license key (see the eNICQ 6.2.0 Upgrade Planning section above on how to find the license key), and click Next.
    If you do not have the "db_owner" role on the database you will get the error saying the center already has a registered database (see eNICQ 6.2.0 Upgrade Planning).

    eNICQ 6.2 installer,second page,Normal install selected,enter license key

  3. The "How would you like to log into eNICQ?" screen will appear next. Select the same login method you have been using for eNICQ 6.1.1. If you are not sure which is the correct option, feel free to contact VON Support and we can find that for you. After selecting the appropriate login method, click Next.
    If you are using VON logins skip to step 5.

    eNICQ 6 installer,third page,how would you like to log into eNICQ?,Use Active Directory or Use my VON login

  4. If you selected Active Directory on the previous screen you will then get the Active Directory Groups screen. The installer will populate the AD group names which were saved to the database during the original installation. Click Next.
    If these fields are blank you have probably been using VON logins (requires an email and password to log in each time the program is run). To change your selection on the previous screen click Back.

    eNICQ 6.2 installer,Active Directory Groups

  5. The installer will update your database in a matter of seconds. When it is complete a "Congratulations! The database is all set up." screen will appear. It will offer three choices regarding the installation or upgrade of the eNICQ 6 client application. If there is a client installed on the workstation where you are running the installer, select "Install on this machine".
    If the client applications reside on other workstations, select one of the other options, or click Cancel and skip to the Upgrading the eNICQ 6 Client Applications section of this article below.

    eNICQ 6.2 installer,Congratulations! The database is all set up,How would you like to install the Client

  6. A progress bar will briefly appear as the installer updates the client application. When complete a screen saying "Congratulations! You successfully installed eNICQ 6." will appear, and give you three options to select from. At this point, both the database and the client application on that particular computer will be upgraded to version 6.2.0, so you can exit the installer.
    If you have client applications on other workstations to upgrade please see the Upgrading the eNICQ 6 Client Application section below.

    eNICQ 6.2 installer,final screen,Congratulations! You successfully installed eNICQ 6,three options,exit the installer,run eNICQ 6,View the Help Files,Finish button


Upgrading the eNICQ 6 Client Applications:

Upgrading existing client applications is easy and does not require the installer, nor any permissions to the database. You only need local administrator permissions on the workstation. There are two steps to the process.

  1. Download the eNICQ 6 MSI (note: not the installer) from the eNICQ 6 Homepage to the workstation on which you are upgrading the eNICQ 6 client. When you click the button to download the MSI a new tab will open on your web browser saying "Redirecting" but you can ignore that.
  2. Locate the MSI on the workstation. It will probably be in the Downloads folder unless you selected to save it in another location. Double click on it or right click and select "Run as administrator" to run it. A progress bar will very briefly appear and then disappear. The client application will then be upgraded to version 6.2.0.

If you have multiple computers with the client application installed you can push out the upgrade using Group Policy with a copy of the 6.2.0 MSI.

Contact VON Support:

If you run into any issues of have any questions about this process please reach out to VON Support by emailing support@vtoxford.org or calling us at (802) 865-4814 x240. We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm eastern standard time.