eNICQ 6 - What Is New in eNICQ 6.2

On October 22, 2020 we released version 6.2 for eNICQ. This includes some minor bug fixes as well as other improvements to the functionality of the software.

Improvements and New Features:
Version 6.2.0 will include the following updates:

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Improvements to the External Data Interface to help prevent accidental gaps in patient IDs
  • Clearer error messages when incorrect characters are used in specific fields (e.g. when letters are entered into a field which can accept numbers, such as Birth Weight)
  • Improved "Jump To Error" feature on the Patient Data Form
  • Updated help files
  • Improved security to prevent accidental submission of Medical Record Numbers to VON 
  • A status bar when a Batch Validation is run so users know when it is finished
  • The database name displays on the "About eNICQ" screen with the server name
  • Ability to temporarily turn off data submissions to VON

New Error Messages and Status Code:
With eNICQ 6.1.1 there were vague error messages when there was an issue with the data type entered into the following fields:

  • Birth weight
  • Apgar score 1 minute
  • Apgar score 5 minutes
  • Age at first dose of surfactant, hours
  • Age at first dose of surfactant, minutes
  • Weight at initial disposition
  • Weight at disposition after readmission

All these fields require only whole numbers. Any letters, decimal points, or other characters entered into the field are not acceptable. Previously, eNICQ 6 would let you save the record when manually entered but the data would not be sent to VON.  The error message was unclear and did not state the field in which to find the error. 

With eNICQ 6.2 we created a new status code, "d" (for datatype), to let you know when the incorrect data type has been entered into a field to eliminate some of the confusion.


The Field Information will give the message similar to the one below.


It will not let you save changes to the record if there is a data type error in one of those fields, until it is corrected.

New Error Messages and Status Code:
Prior to this release you also couldn't use the "Jump To Error" buttons to find the data type errors. User would have to go through each field to find the value the error message gave, but with eNICQ 6.2 you can find the data type errors using the Jump To Error buttons.