eNICQ 6 - Connection File Editor

Reported Issue: 

There are various reasons why you may need to edit the Connection.enicq file (eg. the location of the database was moved, your changed the type of authentication to the database, or you need to edit the proxy server settings).

Resolution or Workaround:

You can edit your connection file with the Connection File Editor tool.  You will need to be able to get to the directory C:\ProgramData\VON.  The Program Data folder is a hidden folder so you may need to select to show hidden items to locate it.

Also, please do this with the help of your Database Administrator or whomever else in your IT department manages your databases.

To download and run the eNICQ 6 Connection File Editor:

1. Download the zip file by clicking here and extract the files into one folder on the computer you are going to be updating the eNICQ 6 Connection File.

2. Open C:\ProgramData\VON and copy the Connection.enicq file to the desktop. Delete it from this location.

3. Open the folder where you saved the extracted files, and double-click on enicq6ConnectionEditor.exe (note: if you are not showing all extensions you will probably see enicq6connectioneditor and you will see another file called enicq6ConnectionEditor.exe. The former would be the correct file, the latter is actually a configuration file).

Files for connection file editor,enicq6ConnectionEditor.exe


4. That will open the eNICQ 6 Connection File Editor:

eNICQ 6 Connection File Editor,SQL Database Location,Server Name,Database,Port,SQL Authentication Mode,Proxy server


5. Open the File menu in the top left and click Open

File menu in top left,Click Open


6. Browse to where you moved the Connection.enicq file, select it, and click Open:

browse to Connection.enicq file,Open button at bottom


7. You will see the current information saved on the connection file. Edit it however it needs to be edited. If you hadn't entered proxy information before but need to enter it now select in the bottom left the authentication type used for the proxy server.

Existing server information populated in editor


8. Once you're sure the information is correct open the File menu again and click Save. Make sure it is saved back to C:\ProgramData\von and the file name is Connection.enicq.

File menu in top left,Save