eNICQ EDI: External Data Interface Configuration

How do I configure the External Data Interface in the eNICQ 6 client application?

NOTE:  This topic is written for the eNICQ 6 user and provides a walk through of the basic operations and options for the Electronic Data Interface.

The Electronic Data Interface (EDI) is used to import data into eNICQ 6 from your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.  Not all VON member centers use the import feature.

The Electronic Data Interface (EDI) is configured under Advanced Options (gear icon) -> Electronic Data Interface.  This location presents a series of checkboxes to select fields that you intend to import into eNICQ from your source EHR application.

NOTE:  The configuration option will ONLY apply to data that is written directly to the external data table.  Files imported manually into the application will not be subject to the field mappings shown here.


Checking a field makes it eligible for import, unchecking a field will cause it to be ignored during import, whether it was included in the data set from your EHR or not.

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