eNICQ EDI: External Data Interface Overview

What is the External Data Interface (EDI)?

This topic is written for the eNICQ 6 user and provides a walk through of the basic operations and options for the Electronic Data Interface. The Electronic Data Interface (EDI) is used to import data into eNICQ 6 from your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Not all VON member centers use the import feature.

Under Advanced Settings (gear icon), you will find the two menu items for the Electronic Data Interface:


These items serve multiple purposes, depending on what you are using EDI for and how your data has been extracted from your source system. Your Electronic Health Record system's vendor, or your local analyst, or your own in-house developers should be familiar with how they intend their system to interact with eNICQ via EDI.

Import Infant Records - This is used for importing data to eNICQ 6 from a text file (XML, JSON, or CSV format) that was produced by your source system.

External Data Interface - This is used for two purposes: 1) configuring EDI to designate which data items are subject to import, and 2) performing an import of records already stored in the external data table.

After initial data conversion and set up is complete, you will use the interface menu option (Import Infant Records or External Data Interface) that matches your source system's design. Some EHR vendors will arrange to output a text file with your data that you can import into eNICQ. Other vendors will arrange to write your data to the external tables. Please check with your vendor, analyst or in-house developer for clarity on how they intend to use the eNICQ External Data Interface.

Blank Values Overwrite Existing Values

Please note that if the data you are importing is missing a value or has a blank on an item that is imported, you will overwrite the existing value with the new a blank value. You can control this on a per-record basis using Locks and Overrides (unless you are importing from a text file.)

Why can't I see the menu items? 

The Import Infant Records and the External Data Interface menu items are restricted to "Administrator" level accounts. If you only have "User" level permissions for that center, you will not see the menu items. Also note that if you have access to multiple centers, it is possible to be an Administrator in one center but a User in another. Please talk with your IT team (if your accounts are managed by Active Directory) or your VON Services Administrator (if your accounts are managed by VON Login) for additional assistance.