eNICQ 6 - Forcing a Proxy Server Connection

This article is intended for an IT professional audience.  Please involve your IT team in any connectivity problems with the eNICQ application.

Reported Issue: 

If the eNICQ application is having trouble using your proxy server, it is possible to force the issue by editing the application's config file.  Difficulty accessing the proxy server can often be identified by the following situation: 

The eNICQ 6 application is able to connect to the proxy server when Internet Explorer is running (or for a limited time out afterwards), but cannot connect to the proxy server when Internet Explorer is not running (after time out period has lapsed.)


Root Cause: 

Our understanding is that in that situation, eNICQ 6 is relying on IE to open sockets for it on the proxy server.  If it's starting with the sockets already closed, eNICQ 6 isn't aggressive enough in pursing the proxy connection.

We have seen some success with the following work around.

In the application directory (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Vermont Oxford Network\eNICQ 6), look for the file enicq6.exe.config:

findconfig.png, enicq6.exe.config file

Open the file in a text editor.  Copy the following three lines:


    <defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials="true"/>


You will need to paste the three lines to the bottom, just before the </configuration> end tag:

useDefaultCredntials in code of config file


This solution is not intended for use with an anonymous proxy connection.

This solution is not helpful (and will break connectivity) if no proxy server is in use.