eNICQ 6 - Record Lock (Administrators Only)


A record I need to edit is locked. How can I unlock it?


A record lock is placed on a record whenever a user opens it in the eNICQ 6 application. In some cases, such as when the application terminates unexpectedly, a transaction lock may remain after the user has left the record. Clear Record lock removes any transaction locks that are currently in place.

Clear Record Locks can be accessed from the Cog Wheel in the upper right hand corner of eNICQ for users with Administrator permissions. This will remove all locks indicating that records are currently in use.

Clear Record Locks screen in eNICQ 6

Because Clear Record Locks will remove all existing transaction locks, it is recommended that all other users first exit the application.

There is no reason to use Clear Record Locks when the eNICQ 6 application is operating normally. You may need to use this feature following a problem with the application.